Saturday, December 28, 2019

Character Look-Alike: Twenty-One Days

Dear all,

#Memory #OldStory #CharacterLookAlike

I love my book! I just finished reading “Twenty-One Days” again after almost five years and it made me laugh, remembering camp life, activities, scandals, friends and enemies πŸ˜‚.  I also created 12 character look-alikes, with Nigerian celebrities.

Yes, all the characters in my book are fineeeeeeee!

Click below to see and tell me what you think 😁.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

New Short Story: King Of Alammiri

Dear all,

#Holiday #RestDay #NewStory

I wrote this short story in April and decided to publish it this holiday to give you all something to read while you eat your Christmas rice and goat meat or chicken 😊

Available now on preorder, for the price of a bottle of Coke, on Smashwords and Amazon.

Coming soon on Bambooks and Okadabooks

Release date: 25-Dec-2019


Saturday, November 23, 2019

Good News: We won!

Dear all,

#Weekend #Saturday #RestDay #GoodNews

Remember my Wattpad short story entry from last month? It won... 1st place, yay! 😊.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

New Book Project: My Celeb Husband

Dear all,

#Weekend #Saturday #RestDay

Because I love a good challenge.

Finally, I'm taking the #NaNoWriMo seriously this year and I'm writing a new book... the third volume in my "Desperate Women Series."

I wrote the first "Dim Noo Abroad" in 2014, the second "Yankee Based Wives" in 2016, and the third "My Celeb Husband" was scheduled for 2018, but I got distracted and wrote 6 other books😊. But now, I'm going back to the series.

I started on the 1st of November, and I'm writing one chapter a day until the 30th, with a minimum of 50,000 words.

Who else is taking the challenge?

Wish me luck!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Literarily Yours,

Sunday, October 27, 2019

New Short Story: Keep Or Kill

Dear all,

#HappySunday #RestDay #HolyDay

Because I love writing, I recently participated in the Wattpad October Short Story Writing Contests (open until 31st October), and while waiting for the results, I decided to develop my entries into a 24-part short story.😊

I’ve been writing on and off (because of work and traffic) for the last four days, but I finished yesterday. Yay!

If you need something spine-tingling, with a touch of romance, please read for free, comment, vote, and share here:

Title: Keep Or Kill

Description: Kiki, code-named "The Cuttist", is a member of an organization of assassins called the Mirror People.

Kiki has never failed a mission, but when her next target happens to be the man of her dreams, she must decide to either keep or kill him.

Any choice she makes comes with a consequence.

Book Cover not yet created. Who’s interested, for an acknowledgment? (Current cover courtesy of Designer.)

Thanks a lot and enjoy.

Literarily Yours,

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New Book - The Double Effect

Dear all,

#Tuesday #PublicHoliday #IndependenceDay #October1st #GoodNews

Remember my time travel book from last year? (See here.) Well I'm now ready to release it, but gradually until next year, because I have already released three books this year 😁.

Originally titled "Lost In Time," then "Trapped In Time," now I've changed it to "The Double Effect." The setting and the names have also changed from foreign to Nigerian.

So this is the first time travel book in Nigeria, by Nigeria, for Nigeria (and others, of course). If you find another before mine, I’ll surely change my claim 😊.

From this month, I’ll be posting a part of the book on my Wattpad page (

Please guys, follow, read, like, vote, comment, correct, criticize and share the story. Let’s blow up the platform and put Nigeria on the time travel map.

If you provide constructive criticism and useful feedback, your name will definitely be added to the acknowledgement.

Thanks a lot and enjoy.

Cover image courtesy of Canva, and redesign by Laybels Publishing.

Literarily Yours,

Friday, August 9, 2019

Book Review: The Secret Lives Of Baba Segi's Wives

Book description:

To the dismay of her ambitious mother, Bolanle marries into a polygamous family, where she is the fourth wife of a rich, rotund patriarch, Baba Segi. She is a graduate and therefore a great prize, but even graduates must produce children and her husband's persistent bellyache is a sign that things are not as they should be. Bolanle is too educated for the 'white garment conmen' Baba Segi would usually go to for fertility advice, so he takes her to hospital to discover the cause of her barrenness. Weaving the voices of Baba Segi and his four competing wives into a portrait of a clamorous household of twelve, Lola Shoneyin evokes an extraordinary Nigerian family in splashes of vibrant colour.


This book had an amazing plot/story, if only the delivery/storytelling was as good. It did have a lot of nice, funny, and memorable moments where I laughed out loud and had to go back to reread, but there were a few things wrong with it as well.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Book Titles Challenge - A Short Story

Hello all,

As we end this month, let me drop a short story.

Ever since I published Like Never Before, people around me have been using it in sentences... especially the ANA (Association of Nigerian Authors) chairman, who just inspired me to write a short story with all my titles.

So here goes:

Friday, July 12, 2019

Book Preview: Like Never Before (Chapter Five)

Hi readers,

As I count down to the release of my upcoming romance novel, I'll be sharing chapters of the book every other week.

Here's the fifth and final chapter, and I hope you enjoy it:

Chapter Five: Five-minute walk

It was the sound of her ringing phone that woke her up. Chiny didn’t know where the sound was coming from, as she couldn’t remember where she had flung her purse when she returned from her outing. The phone kept ringing and she tried to ignore it by putting a pillow over her head, but the caller was persistent. She staggered out of bed, found her purse and took the phone out to see who it was. It was Nneka calling.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Book Preview: Like Never Before (Chapter Four)

Hi readers,

#TwoWeeksToGo #14 #July

As I count down to the release of my upcoming romance novel, I'll be sharing chapters of the book every other week.

Here's the fourth chapter, and I hope you enjoy it:

Chapter Four: Four New Movies

Chiny was too intoxicated to keep her eyes on the road and admire the city of Nice at night. She had never been this drunk in her life, but she felt good. She caressed the leather interior of the Aston Martin Vanquish, and smiled within, with her eyes shut tight; she didn’t want the moment to pass.

“Are you okay?” David asked, glancing at her from the driver’s seat.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Short Story: Can They Hear Me?

Hello all,

I don’t think I’ve ever cried as hard as I did after reading of the tragic passing of little Daniel (son of D’Banj and his wife). It was the saddest story ever. I could only imagine how his parents were (are still) feeling, if I, with no connection or ties to their family, felt that bad.

The day after I saw the news, I wrote a story, and as I wrote it, I cried. Anytime I read it I cry. One year later, I still sob, but a few weeks ago, I read it for the first time without crying, so I believed it was time to share it.

It’s written from the point of view of baby Daniel. It’s not written to bring more pain to his family, but to bring them peace, and let his memory live on.

So here goes: Can They Hear Me?

Friday, June 14, 2019

Book Preview: Like Never Before (Chapter Three)

Hi readers,

#OneMonthToGo #14th

As I count down to the release of my upcoming romance novel, I’ll be sharing chapters of the book every other week.

Here’s the third chapter, and I hope you enjoy it:

Chapter Three: Three shots later

Chiny got to the club around 11:30 p.m. looking like something out of a movie. She wore a short red dress with black heels, and let her long braids down. Her make-up was nicely done, and she used silver-coloured accessories to compliment her dressing, which matched the chain of her purse that she hung over her shoulder. She had a sexy, but casual look, and she loved it.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Book Release: Upcoming Event

Hello readers,

#HelloJune #NewMonth #Saturday #ChillDay

After 21 published books, I’m finally having an event for my next one!

Would you attend? I would love to meet you and talk book 😁. You can pre-order copies of the book before the release date and pick them up at the event.

Can’t make it for the event? We can arrange for a pick up for you afterwards.

Literarily Yours,

Friday, May 31, 2019

Book Preview: Like Never Before (Chapter Two)

Hi readers,

As I count down to the release of my upcoming romance novel, I'll be sharing chapters of the book every other week.

Here's the second chapter, and I hope you enjoy it:

Chapter Two: Two to tango

Chiny didn’t sleep all through the flight. She alternated her time between looking out of the window and watching movies, and when the pilot announced that they were about to land, she regretted not having used the time to learn some French. The only word she knew was ‘bonjour,’ and she was glad that they were landing in the morning, so she could get to use it.

Friday, May 17, 2019

Book Preview: Like Never Before (Chapter One)

Hi readers,

As I count down to the release of my upcoming romance novel, I'll be sharing chapters of the book every other week.

Here's the first chapter, and I hope you enjoy it:

Chapter One: One Ticket Away

Every day for the whole month was like a Friday to Chiny until the Friday she had been waiting for finally arrived. Chiny was an automobile sales executive in a Nigerian company, a job she got not because she was the most qualified, but because she had simply been lucky. Getting into the job, she had no idea what she would be doing, however, in the last three years, she had learnt the business in and out, and was able to sell any car to anyone.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

New Book Cover: Like Never Before

Hi readers,

#Sunday #HolyDay #RestDay

While you all were sleeping, I was on night shift watching my baby, who didn’t want to sleep. Afterwards I recreated the cover for my upcoming romance book “Like Never Before.”  (See former cover below).

If you are wondering why I’ve now changed two of my covers, it’s because I used a template from Canva. And you know the whole world uses Canva, so you won't be the only one with the template and your cover won't be unique.

For “Like Never Before,” I wanted the sea on the cover, and not just any sea, I wanted the Mediterranean Sea. The template I saw on Canva looked lovely so I used it immediately, but just a few days ago I began to wonder what sea it was.

I didn’t like the fact that I didn’t know what it was, so I went on google and searched for a new image, then I came across an amazing picture of the sunset on the Mediterranean Sea. And that’s exactly how the novel ends, on the Mediterranean Sea.

I reached out to the owner of the picture and asked to use it in exchange for credit on my acknowledgment page, and I was happy when she agreed. So there you go, a book cover like never before 😁.

The book is due for release on July 14th, same day as the French National Day, and I can’t wait to share it.

I'll also be sharing the first few chapters of the book in the coming weeks.

Literarily Yours,

Monday, April 29, 2019

Another Year: My Birthday

Hello readers,

#29 #April #Birthday πŸ™

I'm celebrating another wonderful year on earth... thanking God for my life, thanking my family for love and support, thanking my friends for being there, and thanking all my readers for giving me a reason to keep writing.

So I created a #Logo that defines me, somehow.

#Sign #Taurus #TheBull #Brown #Black #Birthstone #Diamond #FavouriteColour #Blue #Name #CMO

Literarily Yours,

Saturday, April 20, 2019

New Book Cover: My Writing Guide

Hiya All,

It’s bigger and better, it’s my new writing guide cover!

While you were sleeping, I was eating #chocolate. These Lindt Swiss Thins are so thin, you’ll finish the box without even realizing it.

I was also redesigning the cover of my writing guide.

The former cover? Don’t worry about it. I never did any work on it, so I won’t miss it.

The writing guide is available across all major platforms and is helping people get results.

Please tell someone to tell someone to tell someone, because someone you know or someone who knows someone you know might need this 😁. Details are on my website. Please visit:

Now back to some writing... new book coming up, which I’ll share later today.

Have a lovely #Saturday

Literarily Yours,

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Now Available: When It's Murder

Hello readers,


This should have been shared on the 14th of March, but better late than never, so here goes... “When It’s Murder” has now been officially published and is available through all major booksellers! Yay! 

Tell someone to tell someone to tell someone.

For more information, visit my website or

Literarily Yours,

Sunday, March 10, 2019

New Book: Hotel Room Murders

Hello readers,


While you were sleeping last night, I was... also sleeping, but then I woke up early and wrote all through the night and the morning and finally finished my second #novel for the year titled “Hotel Room Murders.”

A couple is found dead in a hotel room in what appears to be a robbery gone bad. With no functional security cameras in the hotel, more than five thousand guests present at the time and no witnesses, the case seems impossible to solve even with the little evidence recovered from the crime scene.

Inspector Jamie Tahiti of the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department of the Victoria Island Divisional Police Station is assigned to the case and has a breakthrough when a man shows up at his office with fresh evidence that changes the direction of the case. Jamie must team up with this man to find out who is behind the murder and apprehend the person.


What do you think?

Now that this is done, it’s on to the next. 3 down, 3 to go for the year 😊.

Have a lovely week ahead everyone!

Literarily Yours,

Friday, March 1, 2019

Book Treasure Hunt: Clues

Hey readers,

I hope you are enjoying the Book Treasure Hunt?

Some readers have informed me that it's too difficult to find the book, so I'm dishing out some clues to help you out.

Good luck!

Literarily Yours,

Literary Yours,

Book Treasure Hunt: Update

Hello readers,

#NewMonth #TreasureHunt #1March2019

Are you ready for the Book Treasure Hunt?

Remember: there's a free book somewhere on my website.

You have to search for it and download it, then enjoy it over the weekend of course.

The hunt will last the whole of today until 11:59 p.m.

If you find the book, you can let me know in the comments section anytime from Saturday 2nd March 2019, not before. Please do not spoil the hunt for others 😊.

Happy hunting, happy reading.

Please tell someone to tell someone to tell someone.

Literarily Yours,

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Book Treasure Hunt: Coming soon

Hello readers,

#Wednesday #HumpDay #GoodNews

I hope you all are doing well, and I have some interesting news.

To enter into the new month, on 1st March 2019, I'll be having a Book Treasure Hunt on my website at

How does it work?

From 12 a.m. on Friday 1st March, there would be a free book somewhere on my website. You have to search for it and download it, then enjoy it over the weekend of course. The hunt will last the whole day until 11:59 p.m.

If you find the book, you can let me know in the comments section anytime from Saturday 2nd March 2019, not before. Please do not spoil the hunt for others 😊.

Happy hunting, happy reading.

Please tell someone to tell someone to tell someone.

In other news, it's three days to the official release of my writing guide. You can still get an autographed e-copy of the book at the pre-order price until 1st March midnight. Hurry now and take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Have a lovely evening.

Literarily Yours,

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Book Excerpt: Like Never Before

Happy Valentine's Day readers!

#February #14 #2019

Do you read with music? I do! I read, write and work with music.

To celebrate today, please click to enjoy a VIDEO EXCERPT from my romance novel titled "Like Never Before." The cover music is Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey. I heard the song recently and I loved it immediately because it sounded like the perfect soundtrack for my book.

Chiny has a summertime affair in France with the hot, rich, and superstar David Butler, and while it ends in pleasure for him, it ends in pain for her. And the day Chiny met David, she had a red dress on.

See the full book description:

Chiny, Nigerian, car sales executive, single; David, British, actor, in an on and off relationship, meet in the beautiful city of Nice, in the South of France after an unusual conversation.

They instantly become friends, and after taking an exotic private boat tour of the Mediterranean Sea, they get intimate and have a brief affair. Their romance comes to an end with the summer leaving Chiny distraught and David satisfied.

More than a month later, after they go their separate ways, Chiny contacts David and delivers some interesting news that promises to bring them together again, but threatens to change their lives forever.


The book would be released in exactly five months' time on the 14th of July (French National Day). Do you know what else is happening on the 14th of other months?
-14th March official release date for my mystery novel "When It's Murder"
-14th April season finale of Game of Thrones (yes, I'm so addicted to GOT, I should be in the show)
-14th December my sister's birthday 😊

Anyway, enjoy the excerpt, and I wish you love, joy, and happiness, today and always.

Literarily yours,

Friday, February 1, 2019

Available Now: My Writing Guide

It took me more than 6 months to write my first novel in 2013, but less than 2 weeks for the last novel I wrote in 2018.

Do you know why?

It’s because in the last five years I have developed a writing process that works and so far I have written more than 20 books, some of which are award-winning.

Today, I bring to you my writing guide, which contains my writing process, my writing technique, and my writing experience, with tips on publishing and marketing.

If you want to save time writing your next or current book, if you want to complete that book you started and never got to finish, if you're looking for new ideas, if you want to develop an already existing idea or you simply want to master the beautiful art of writing... then this guide is for you.

From today until the official release date on 1st March 2019, you can pre-order to get an autographed e-copy of the guide at a discounted rate.

Click here to preorder your copy.

Here’s to achieving your writing goals!

Literarily Yours,

Friday, January 11, 2019

My writing process

Hi readers,

#TGIF #Friday

Since I resumed work, my colleagues have been asking if I finished my holiday book and I’ve said YES! Some didn’t believe it, they thought it was just a short story because I finished it in under two weeks and went halfway into another book. I had to show them the finished book, and some of the engineers have been bugging me to release it ASAP.

It’s the same size as When It's Murder and I wrote that one in three weeks. It only tells that I’m getting better, right? And do you know why? It’s because I wrote my first thriller novel in about 6 months or more. I struggled with putting everything together, but today, I write a fantastic killer thriller in less than 2 weeks... I wanted to slap myself awake when I got to the end of Murder On Site but I wasn’t dreaming.

I have a secret formula though that I have built in the last 5 years since I began my writing journey and that’s why I’m penning a countless number of books, including ghostwritten books for others. Yes, I ghostwrite as well 😁. I can tell you my secret formula, but I would have to kill you afterwards😊. Just kidding.

I will be releasing two things in the coming weeks: my writing guide and my writing process template. Hopefully, they’ll help writers master the elements of writing and complete their first draft in less than two weeks.

Literarily Yours,

Monday, January 7, 2019

When It's Murder: Preorder

 Hi readers,

I hope you all are doing well.

I'm just stopping by with this overdue post, which I should have shared since last year. My apologies.

My upcoming novel When It’s Murder, due 14th March 2019 is now available in print. You can preorder your copy or copies now to get a 15% discount via BLACKROSEWRITING or my WEBSITE.

Use preorder code: PREORDER2018

Please tell someone to tell someone to tell someone.

I have also added a bonus in form of a review from the awesome author Dan Abubakar.

Literarily Yours,

Sunday, January 6, 2019

New Year - New Book

Hi readers,

#HappyNewYear to everyone.

#Saturday #Night #LatePost

The year is starting off really good. I finally completed my holiday book about three hours ago. Yay!

It was tough completing it, as I thought I would have done it last night (Friday), but I slept off like a baby after putting my baby to bed.

The description?

Facing an internal structural crisis and the possibility of losing thirty billion naira, Engineer Bola Kasumu, the Director of Operations of Star Builders hires an expatriate, British Civil Engineer, June Harrington to manage one of their most controversial construction sites.

A few months down the line, June goes missing and circumstances reveal that a crime may have been committed. But without a body and with over one hundred people present on site, the case proves difficult to solve.

Inspector Jamie Tahiti of the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department of the Victoria Island Divisional Police Station must team up with Detective Christina King from the London Metropolitan Police to find out what happened to June and solve the case before the company shuts down for the Christmas break.

Everyone is a suspect until proven otherwise.


What do you think?

Up next, cover reveal. But this book might not be released this year. There are already four on the line, so it's a first-come-first-serve rule here. Now that I'm done here, I want to reward myself with a few episodes of the Blacklist until it's time to continue writing the next book.


Literarily Yours,