Thursday, May 31, 2018

Book Review: Ode To A Dancing Pen

Book Description:

Ode To A Dancing Pen is a collection of different poems inspired by different emotions, situations, and happenstances; love, being chief. I love 'love' and all its twists. It is my essence.


"Ode To A Dancing Pen" is a poetry book by Nigerian author Brenda Eziafakaego Nwafor.

A splendid collection of 52 poems based on love, social issues, and some general topics. I loved every bit of it.

From the first poem, titled "Beginnings and Endings" to the last poem titled "This River," the author lined up the poems in a way that they flowed perfectly. I went back and read some other poems over and over again.

My favorite was "Loveticide," a real love poem, and a touching one, but with an unexpected twist in the end.

I'm happy to have been one of the pre-release reviewers of this debut poetry book by Brenda Eziafakaego Nwafor, and I can't wait to see what she produces next.

It was a lovely read, a must-have.


Literarily Yours,

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Book Release: Mama, It's Me!

Hello readers,

Yay!!! My baby's book has now gone live!!! It’s available on only Amazon for now, but it'll be on all other platforms soon. I know you can't wait... I can't wait either.

I changed some things on the book cover. Can you spot them?

I hope you get to purchase a copy, and I look forward to knowing what you think about the book.

Thanks a lot.

Literarily Yours,

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Coming Soon: Poetry Book - Ode To A Dancing Pen

It feels so good to be a part of someone’s success story!

I first met Brenda Eziafakaego Nwafor in 2015 at an ANA (Association of Nigerian Authors) reading, and she recited her poem “Serial Date” with so much energy and passion that when she was done, she was asked to recite it again and again.

Brenda had been trying to release her debut poetry book “Ode To A Dancing Pen” for some time and always met hiccups, but happy that this year her dream will become reality!

I’m also happy to have helped with the editing and formatting of her manuscript and to have been a part of the pre-release reviewers of this poetry book and I loved every bit of the 52 poems in it... she was inspired by #love, and as she put it, LOVE is her muse and her distraction.  The ebook will be released on 3/Sept/2018 but you can preorder your copy now at half the price on #okadabooks and #smashwords. Thank me later.

I'll be posting my review soon on my blog, website, and on Goodreads.

Literarily Yours,