Sunday, October 27, 2019

New Short Story: Keep Or Kill

Dear all,

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Because I love writing, I recently participated in the Wattpad October Short Story Writing Contests (open until 31st October), and while waiting for the results, I decided to develop my entries into a 24-part short story.😊

I’ve been writing on and off (because of work and traffic) for the last four days, but I finished yesterday. Yay!

If you need something spine-tingling, with a touch of romance, please read for free, comment, vote, and share here:

Title: Keep Or Kill

Description: Kiki, code-named "The Cuttist", is a member of an organization of assassins called the Mirror People.

Kiki has never failed a mission, but when her next target happens to be the man of her dreams, she must decide to either keep or kill him.

Any choice she makes comes with a consequence.

Book Cover not yet created. Who’s interested, for an acknowledgment? (Current cover courtesy of Designer.)

Thanks a lot and enjoy.

Literarily Yours,

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

New Book - The Double Effect

Dear all,

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Remember my time travel book from last year? (See here.) Well I'm now ready to release it, but gradually until next year, because I have already released three books this year 😁.

Originally titled "Lost In Time," then "Trapped In Time," now I've changed it to "The Double Effect." The setting and the names have also changed from foreign to Nigerian.

So this is the first time travel book in Nigeria, by Nigeria, for Nigeria (and others, of course). If you find another before mine, I’ll surely change my claim 😊.

From this month, I’ll be posting a part of the book on my Wattpad page (

Please guys, follow, read, like, vote, comment, correct, criticize and share the story. Let’s blow up the platform and put Nigeria on the time travel map.

If you provide constructive criticism and useful feedback, your name will definitely be added to the acknowledgement.

Thanks a lot and enjoy.

Cover image courtesy of Canva, and redesign by Laybels Publishing.

Literarily Yours,