Saturday, December 28, 2019

Character Look-Alike: Twenty-One Days

Dear all,

#Memory #OldStory #CharacterLookAlike

I love my book! I just finished reading “Twenty-One Days” again after almost five years and it made me laugh, remembering camp life, activities, scandals, friends and enemies 😂.  I also created 12 character look-alikes, with Nigerian celebrities.

Yes, all the characters in my book are fineeeeeeee!

Click below to see and tell me what you think 😁.

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

New Short Story: King Of Alammiri

Dear all,

#Holiday #RestDay #NewStory

I wrote this short story in April and decided to publish it this holiday to give you all something to read while you eat your Christmas rice and goat meat or chicken 😊

Available now on preorder, for the price of a bottle of Coke, on Smashwords and Amazon.

Coming soon on Bambooks and Okadabooks

Release date: 25-Dec-2019