Thursday, July 19, 2018

New Book: Lost In Time


Yesterday, I finished writing my fourth book for the year titled "Lost In Time," (formerly 'Trapped In Time,' but I changed it while drafting this blog post, lol). The book is to be released on... I have no idea for now, but you'll be the first to know when it's time.

As usual, it's a fast-paced character/dialogue driven book that I wrote in under two weeks, because insomniac writing machine.

Its genre? Time travel adventure/suspense.

Why time travel? My writing goal has always been to write in different genres, but with suspense in it, and that's what I'm still doing. I had the idea for a time travel story some years back, but I only drafted a plot and left it because something was missing. I wanted to add a new concept to time travel, but I kept missing something.

So while taking a break after writing my last novel "When It's Murder," the 'something missing,' came to me and it made perfect sense. I could now add my new concept/theory to time travel. I dropped every other thing I was writing (especially the books I had initially planned to write this year), then got into the time travel craze.

I love the story, I love that I was able to create a new world, new rules, and new everything. I can't wait to share the book with you, and I hope you all love it too. I'll be posting bits of the story on this blog from next year... stay tuned!

Here's the book description to give you a bit of what to expect:
In order to change her fate, specifically her love life, and make the handsome celebrity singer Aurelian Phillip, who she turned down in high school fifteen years ago, fall in love with her again, Marina and her reluctant best friend Stan are convinced by a funny-looking man to go on a time travel adventure to the past.

After arming them with the dos and don’ts of time travel, they set off, but something goes wrong along the way and Marina finds herself in an entirely different world without Stan. She must evade those after her in the new world, find a missing person, retrieve a golden key, and race against time or she would be forever trapped in time.


What do you think about the short description? I would love to give you more, but hate to spoil it for you.

Literarily Yours,

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