Friday, December 20, 2013

Book Review: Amulet

Book Description:

An erotic love story novel. Eighteen-year-old Jason Ramsey's life changes forever when he rescues a strange old man from certain death, and is rewarded with an amulet that grants him the power of invisibility.

Can he use this ability to get the cheerleader Becky, the girl of his dreams who doesn't know he exists? Or will it open his eyes to someone he's been overlooking?

The Amulet will take him on an erotic journey of self-discovery, allowing him to share in other's secrets, and ultimately learn what's really important. It culminates in an exciting climax, where Jason has to face the challenge of saving the one he loves.

Adults only due to graphic sexual situations.

Amulet is a novel in the Erotica/Couples Erotica genre, by author S. Wolf.

The book cover doesn't give a clue what to expect, but given that I never judge a book by its cover, I dug into this one. And I must admit, I was surprised at how the mystery and suspense were beautifully interwoven with the erotica, all in almost equal doses.

(Semi-Spoiler) A lover of mystery and suspense myself, I knew the minute Jason opened the door at the hotel room that he wasn't alone in there. Yup, I saw that one coming. I would have asked for the same thing as Sam did.

I also liked the ending. My heart skipped at first when I saw "Hey Becky," then I started hoping it was a dream before I was finally relieved.

And Danny, oh Danny! Interesting character.

Nice one S. Wolf!


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