Friday, February 2, 2018

2018 Giveaway - Free Ebook of your choice!

Hello all,

This year, I'll be giving away a lot of free ebooks in order to promote reading culture. This month, 150 readers will have the opportunity to read one of my books for free :).

Want to play? It's easy.

Go to any of these my social media pages and reply to the giveaway post telling me which of my books you would like to read this year.

I'll send a copy of the free ebook to the first 150 replies (50 per platform). Please don't reply on all platforms, so that you can give others a chance to read a free book this year.

Do you have one of my books in mind? Hurry now, this giveaway lasts for only one week.

#GoodLuck and please #Share this with all the readers you know.

Until next giveaway, happy reading!

Literarily Yours,

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