Sunday, February 2, 2014

Book Review: Plot

Book Description:

There’s a good chance that you have been included with this PLOT. When author Nicholas Shay wrote his twenty-sixth novel he couldn’t have imagined what would take place after it was published. It wasn’t just the characters in the story be killed, but also people with the same name as the characters. Millions became fascinated by the murders and the popularity earned Nicholas Shay over two hundred million dollars…His plot worked to perfection.


"Plot" is a full-length novel in the Psychological Thriller/Suspense genre by author Ron Knight.

Beautiful plot. It was a fun read, although I thought Lake and Mardi's background story was quite long.

Spoiler Alert!
I never imagined Helen would be a part of the plot, or the Detective. It came as a surprise. I guess everyone is a suspect until proven otherwise. Towards the end, I predicted Helen, Lake, Mardi and RJ would work together by faking Helen's death and taking all the money.
Was my prediction right? I guess you have to read to find out yourself.


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