Friday, February 14, 2014

Book Review: Darkness Once More

Book description: 

Recently widowed private eye, autistic, Full House superfan and go-to guy for all random pop culture questions long past their sell-by date, Archie Lemons starts his first case since his finding his wife murdered in their home.

Will this case help snap him from his reverie or will it prove to be his final undoing?


"Darkness Once More" is a novel in the Black Comedy Humor/Comedy and General Mystery and Detective genre, by Grant FieldGrove.

It is the first book in the series: Archie Lemons.
Overall "Darkness Once More" is a good book. Although it was kind of slow in the beginning (like there were more Archie rants than an actual story), it started to pick up mid-point and have some action in it.

My best part was when Archie wanted to be a bad guy by hanging up the phone without saying bye to Mrs. Fick, only for her to call back and kill his flow. Then he ends it with "ta-ta." Hilarious!

What I didn't like all through the book was the constant negative comparison/referencing: either someone's dying career or horrible acting, a terrible show, a bad writer...always something. I kept reading, hoping for something positive. Nada.

I really enjoyed the suspense and mystery, though. That's why I kept reading.


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