Thursday, November 1, 2018

Happy National Authors Day!


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This post is to all the amazing authors out there.

It's our day today; our day to celebrate; our day to be proud of who we are and where we are.

Let's celebrate:
our limitless imagination,
our ideas,
our creativity,
our talent,
our skills,
our hard work,
our drive,
our sleepless nights,
our addiction to coffee,
our overworked fingers,
our ever-active brains,
our tired eyes,
our pain,
our joy,
our feeling of fulfillment,
our achievement,
our supportive families,
our supportive friends,
our editors,
our designers,
our publishers,
our reviewers,
our author buddies,
our books,
and any other thing or person we want to celebrate.

To all aspiring authors... you can do it. You can complete your book, don't kill that wonderful idea. Ask for help, if needed. Get a writing buddy. Reach out to authors who write the same genre as you. Someone out there wants to read your masterpiece.

Thanks to all the booksellers, offline and online, that sell our books, and all the media companies that recognise and promote the books.

Finally, thanks to all the fantastic readers, who actually make this day happen each year by reading our books and providing feedback, whether positive or negative, there's always something to gain from a review.

#Happy #Thankful #AuthorsDay #NationalAuthorsDay

Literarily Yours,

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