Friday, July 20, 2018

#FridayFeature: Meet The Author - Dan Abubakar

Hello all,

It's Friday again, and today, for our #FridayFeature we get to meet the talented Dan Abubakar, the first male author to be featured this year 😊.

Let's get to know him in 10 questions below.

1/ What’s your name (Pen name if different), and what does it mean?

Dan Abubakar. Born into a multicultural multi-religious family, I probably have one of the weirdest combinations of names, they include Nurudeen, Oluwaseun, Abimbola, Bio. A combination that has often confused people, so as an adult, I've always kept it simple; my international passport and drivers license both say Dan Abubakar. My birth certificate says a little more. I'm not absolutely sure what all my names mean but I know Oluwaseun is "Thank God" or something like that, Dan is from the Old Testament and Nurudeen is from the Quran.
2/ What books have you written (title/genre/year of publication)?

- Shadows of Death, May, 2002
- The Galadima Conspiracy, Feb, 2014

3/ What inspires your writing?

I have an imagination that doesn't give up. I first put pen to paper when I was 9 and I've been writing ever since (not very consistent).

4/ What has been your most challenging work, and why?

Hersassin, my upcoming book. Challenging because I think I have a great story and don't want to ruin it with a mediocre narration.

5/ What are you currently working on?

Hersassin (A Leah Givens Thriller) - Years after disobeying direct orders by going after the man that killed her partner and his family, Leah Givens is given a second chance with the CIA and is asked to watch a university professor with Andrew Porter. The mission seems simple enough until the professor is found dead and Andrew Porter is missing. As events unfold, Leah finds herself hunted by an assassin only known as Venom, an assassin whose plans for her and the world only spell doom.

6/ What are your favourite types of books and who are your favourite authors?

My favorite genres: Espionage Thrillers, these days however any well-written book, regardless of the genre.

As for favorite authors - James Patterson, Sidney Sheldon, and Mario Puzo to mention a few.

7/ What have you had to give up for your writing?

Nothing, which is probably why I've only had two published works in my entire life.

8/ What is unique about you?

I believe I can appeal to an audience that's not your typical reading type. I try to make my writing simple enough to be appreciated without a Master's in Literature.

9/ Where can readers get your book, and in what formats?

Amazon, Kindle and Paperback

10/ How can readers get in touch with you?

My website


I hope you enjoyed reading about the talented Dan Abubakar, and hope you get to read his books as well. You won't regret it,

Until next #FridayFeature.

Literarily Yours,

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