Friday, April 8, 2016

#FridayFeature: Meet The Author - Ogbonnaya Kanu

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Today's #FridayFeature author is Ogbonnaya Kanu.

Let's get to know him in 10 questions. Enjoy his interesting responses below.

1/ What is your name (Pen name if different), and what does it mean?

I was born Ogbonnaya Kanu. Ogbonnaya is a name from the Igbo tribe, which literally means “a friend of his father”. It also means “replica of his father”. Though, a lot of the time you might hear me being called FD or Fotodadi (Photo-daddy). Fotodadi is the nickname my first daughter’s nanny gave her after she was born, and that was because of her close resemblance to me. So when I got my first bike, I decided to have Fotodadi on the number plate, and soon after people began to call me Fotodadi and it has stuck ever since. Coincidentally, Ogbonnaya and Fotodadi have to do with resemblance.
2/ What books have you written (title/genre/year of publication)?

FD Breaking Limits: Road to Europe is my first book, and it’s a Motivational book. It was published in 2015.

3/ What inspires your writing?

My inspiration is got from my experiences. Being able to ride a motorcycle to different destinations all over the world, gives room for so many unique experiences that I want to share with readers, and to motivate them to rise above being just average.

4/ What has been your most challenging work, and why?

FD Breaking Limits: Road to Europe is my first book, but I wouldn’t regard it as a challenge, as I was penning down the details of my journey every night or every other night. Perhaps the only thing close to a challenge was when I erroneously deleted everything I had written on my phone six days into my journey, and had to rewrite it all from memory.

5/ What are you currently working on?

That would be the next book in the FD Breaking Limits series, which details my trip from South Africa to Lagos.

6/ What are your favourite types of books and who are your favourite authors?

I have no favourite type of book or author but the last book I read was Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

7/ What have you had to give up for your writing?

Maybe a few hours of sleep…instead of hitting the hay at the end of a day’s journey, I stay up to write my journal. I would rather say that I have had to gain a lot for my writing.

8/ What is unique about you?

I’m a 2Doer…you know, the kind of people who receive comments like “you too do,” or “your own is too much”. I am not content with just being, I have to go the extra mile…there has to be something extraordinary about everything I do.

9/ Where can readers get your book, and in what formats?

FD Breaking Limits: Road to Europe is available in Hardcover and paperback on Konga, and Amazon. The Kindle version is also available on Amazon.

10/ How can readers get in touch with you?

Facebook: FD Breaking Limits
Twitter: @fotodadi
Instagram: @fotodadi


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