Thursday, February 14, 2019

Book Excerpt: Like Never Before

Happy Valentine's Day readers!

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Do you read with music? I do! I read, write and work with music.

To celebrate today, please click to enjoy a VIDEO EXCERPT from my romance novel titled "Like Never Before." The cover music is Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey. I heard the song recently and I loved it immediately because it sounded like the perfect soundtrack for my book.

Chiny has a summertime affair in France with the hot, rich, and superstar David Butler, and while it ends in pleasure for him, it ends in pain for her. And the day Chiny met David, she had a red dress on.

See the full book description:

Chiny, Nigerian, car sales executive, single; David, British, actor, in an on and off relationship, meet in the beautiful city of Nice, in the South of France after an unusual conversation.

They instantly become friends, and after taking an exotic private boat tour of the Mediterranean Sea, they get intimate and have a brief affair. Their romance comes to an end with the summer leaving Chiny distraught and David satisfied.

More than a month later, after they go their separate ways, Chiny contacts David and delivers some interesting news that promises to bring them together again, but threatens to change their lives forever.


The book would be released in exactly five months' time on the 14th of July (French National Day). Do you know what else is happening on the 14th of other months?
-14th March official release date for my mystery novel "When It's Murder"
-14th April season finale of Game of Thrones (yes, I'm so addicted to GOT, I should be in the show)
-14th December my sister's birthday 😊

Anyway, enjoy the excerpt, and I wish you love, joy, and happiness, today and always.

Literarily yours,

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