Monday, December 17, 2018

New Book - Christmas Project

Hi readers,

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Jeans to work on a Monday? Hell Yeah!

Actually, jeans every day of the week? It's not something I ever imagined, but 👍.

Anyway, I work in the Civil Engineering and Construction industry, and I don't go to site as often as I should, but I made plans last week to go to a few to complete some tasks.

As I prepared for the visits, something struck; a new idea. I thought I was done writing for the year, but last Friday, I began plotting and putting all the story elements together, and on Saturday, I wrote the first chapter of the book.

Now, I can't wait to close from work each day or for the weekend, and I don't think I would be resting this Christmas break as planned, because I can't stop thinking about the story.

Want to know what the story is about? Check out the title and the image below:

Drum roll...

More drum roll...

Some more drum roll...

Title: Murder On Site

Literarily Yours,

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