Thursday, May 31, 2018

Book Review: Ode To A Dancing Pen

Book Description:

Ode To A Dancing Pen is a collection of different poems inspired by different emotions, situations, and happenstances; love, being chief. I love 'love' and all its twists. It is my essence.


"Ode To A Dancing Pen" is a poetry book by Nigerian author Brenda Eziafakaego Nwafor.

A splendid collection of 52 poems based on love, social issues, and some general topics. I loved every bit of it.

From the first poem, titled "Beginnings and Endings" to the last poem titled "This River," the author lined up the poems in a way that they flowed perfectly. I went back and read some other poems over and over again.

My favorite was "Loveticide," a real love poem, and a touching one, but with an unexpected twist in the end.

I'm happy to have been one of the pre-release reviewers of this debut poetry book by Brenda Eziafakaego Nwafor, and I can't wait to see what she produces next.

It was a lovely read, a must-have.


Literarily Yours,

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