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#FridayFeature: Meet The Author - Ufuomaee

Hello all,

It's Friday again, and today, for our #FridayFeature we get to meet the inspirational Ufuomaee.

Let's get to know her in 10 questions below.

1/ What’s your name (Pen name if different), and what does it mean?

My full name is Ufuoma Emerhor-Ashogbon. Ufuoma means Peace and Ufuomaee is just my name and initials before marriage. I also go by Ufuoma E-Ashogbon.
2/ What books have you written (title/genre/year of publication)?

I have published nine titles to date. Here they are in order of publication:

  1. The Church Girl/Romance/2017
  2. Broken/Fiction/2017
  3. An Emotional Affair/Romance/2017
  4. He Cheated!/Fiction/2017
  5. A Small World: Season One (Valentine's Day)/Fiction/2017
  6. The Wedding And Other Short Stories/Religious/2017
  7. A Small World: Season Two (Three Weddings And A Funeral)/Fiction/2017
  8. The God Who Loves Me/Poetry/2018
  9. Traffic Jam And Other Short Stories/Religious/2018

3/ What inspires your writing?

I write for Ministry, and my muse is The Cross, The Wisdom of God, Jesus Christ. I draw on reality and infuse some imagination to write stories that deal with real issues, and that shows how God intervenes in our lives and leads us all to Himself. Some of my stories are inspired by my own experiences and lessons God has taught me in life, but all my stories and characters are fictional.

4/ What has been your most challenging work, and why?

A Small World Season Two was the most challenging for me to write because the story became much bigger than I expected. The number of characters almost doubled since Season One, which was based on the characters from my three novels, The Church Girl, Broken, and An Emotional Affair.

With the rise in characters and the growth in drama in all their lives, there was a whole lot for me to keep in my head so that the story stayed on course, and was realistic and inspiring too. Since I don't merely write to entertain, it would have been a failure to have a dramatic or romantic story that left people confused and with few lessons to take away. But I was very pleased with it. Getting through it has prepared me for the challenge of writing future seasons. I will need more time, patience, and inspiration to do a good job with the series.

5/ What are you currently working on?

I am about to publish a new story series on my blog called "The House Girl." It is a story I had in my drafts since 2016, when I wrote "The Church Girl." I wrote it this year and it deals with a lot of deep issues too, but it isn't as bulky as "The Church Girl" turned out to be. Yet, it is so powerful! I'm excited about it.

From Saturday, April 7th, I will be posting an episode a week at 12pm on my blog at for my patrons only. Members will begin to read the story from May 5th.

I am also going to continue writing a story I started in December 2016! It is called "The Atheist," and I hope I can publish it this year. I also plan on publishing Season Three of A Small World this year.  I am also in the process of converting "He Cheated!" into an audio book 😊.  It will be my third audio book.

6/ What are your favourite types of books and who are your favourite authors?

My favourite genre is Romance, but not just any romance, romance that is laced with spirituality, and storylines that leave you challenged and inspired. Francine Rivers and Abimbola Dare do justice to this genre because they manage to infuse faith and romance seamlessly and in a way that leaves people transformed.

7/ What have you had to give up for your writing?

Money! I have invested a lot of time and money into running my blog and now writing and publishing books. I am yet to see returns on my investment, but I am not doing it for fame or money, but because I believe in the power of the Cross and wish to see many lives transformed through the message God has given me. Besides, I love writing so much! I just have to keep reminding myself that if I concentrate on doing God's will, He will surely look out for and provide for me. We're still surviving and prospering 😎

8/ What is unique about you?

My mind and my heart. I don't really know a lot of people who think like me, who believe like me, and who are driven like me. I am not afraid to be different and I don't know how not to be.  It took me a while to embrace my difference as my strength and to be bold about it.

9/ Where can readers get your book, and in what formats?

All my books are available at I also have an Author page at Amazon, and Smashwords,

"Broken" and "An Emotional Affair" are also available as audio books. You can download Broken Audio for free from and listen to "An Emotional Affair" audio from my blog, (for Patrons and paid subscribers only).

10/ How can readers get in touch with you?

I am very active on social media.
My Instagram, Pinterest and Medium handle is @ufuomaee
Facebook: @ufuomaeedotcom
Twitter: @UfuomaeeB.

Enquirers can also email


I hope you enjoyed reading about the inspirational Ufuomaee, and hope you get to read her books as well.

Until next #FridayFeature.

Literarily Yours,

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