Sunday, November 1, 2015

Book Travel: Twenty-One Days

Everything about my book "Twenty-One Days" is a first of its kind, and the same can be said for the world tour that five copies of the book are about to embark on this November... Oh November... the month of creativity and literary events.

That being said, I'm happy to announce and share my latest idea with all of you.

As part of a marketing campaign to put my book in many hands around the world, and to promote reading culture and reading for FUN, I'm organising a tour for my book and I'll be very happy if YOU could be a part of it.

I believe it's going to be fun, so the more (participants) the merrier. To join in on the fun, all you have to do is READ the book when you receive it.

After reading it, kindly take a photo with it and post it on social media with your favorite character and why.

Also, tag #TwentyOneDays #BookTravel and #Country (where you read the book).
Next step? PASS IT ON.

Please don't just drop it on a bench or on a counter, but interact with someone and pass it on to them, so that you know that the person will read it too and also pass it on to another reader. We don't want the books to be forgotten under stacks of clothes or somewhere dark and lonely :(.

The five copies will begin their tour from Nigeria and will be distributed at four locations.
-One copy will be given out at the Lagos Book and Art Festival (LABAF)
-One copy will be given out at the AKE Festival in Abeokuta, Nigeria
-One copy will be given out at the ANA - Association of Nigerian Authors' International Convention
-Two copies will be given out at the Lagos International Airport. These copies will be the first to go to obodo-oyibo... overseas, abroad, etc. :)

Thank you so much in advance, as you participate, and please, remember to PASS IT ON, let's help the book travel the world! :)

Happy All Saints' Day.

Literarily Yours,

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