Monday, October 12, 2015

Book Review: The Clarion Call

Book Description:

A collection of poems based on the experience of the author during his one-year service in the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) scheme to his beloved country Nigeria.


"The Clarion Call" is a poetry collection by author Albert Seraphin.

This is a collection of fifty-seven poems, but not your regular "romantic" collection, as the tone fluctuates between humour, happiness, and sadness, feelings a normal human being would have. This is also due to the theme, which is a rather serious one, as it is based on the NYSC (National Youth Service Corps - Nigeria) service year.
Some of the poems were deep and thought-provoking, so much that they will make one sit back and reflect before moving on to the next one.

It's a nice collection. However, I would have preferred that inspiration for some particular poems be noted on the bottom of the poem, not just for me, but for international readers who might have limited knowledge of the NYSC scheme, and therefore cannot relate to most of the poems the way they should.

For example, "Wake Up" was a nice one, but only those who have stayed more than a night in camp would enjoy the humor, pleasure and pain of the Wake-Up bugle call. I couldn't stop laughing/smiling at that, especially at "Hold Something."

The poems I enjoyed, in order of appearance, and not preference, were:
A Call To Serve;
Wake Up;
Mammy Platoon (reminded me of the many adventures of mami market);
Department Of No Work;
Home My Home;
Make her Enjoy Life;
March On In Glory Chibuisi;
Religion Of All Religions;
Ukazi And White Man (this one made me hungry).


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