Thursday, April 3, 2014

Book Review: The Galadima Conspiracy

Book Description:

When President Galadima of Nigeria goes AWOL, the entire world is curious about the situation.

When a former KGB agent ‘sees’ him die, the world wants proof.

When an aspiring New York based blogger reports the ‘rumor’ he becomes the target of a nefarious assassin who would stop at nothing to see him dead.

What is real, what is not and what dark secret is everyone including the CIA trying to hide?

From Saudi Arabia to London, New York to Nigeria, former CIA agent Leah Givens and blogger Dele Pearce must stay ahead of a destructive plot of a powerful group of people while trying to stay alive and uncover an unlikely scheme to bring President Galadima back to office.

Inspired by actual events, this nonstop action-packed thriller would keep you at the edge of your seat till it's over.

"The Galadima Conspiracy" is a novel in the Political Thriller/Suspense genre by Nigerian author Dan Abubakar.

"The Galadima Conspiracy" is a good book with some nice characters. I can sort of relate to the message of the book, because it was inspired by actual events. As a Nigerian, you'll almost want to believe that some part of the story was really true.

Leah's character reminded me of Annie Walker in Covert Affairs: young CIA agent and trouble magnet, but knows how to get out of a tight hole. I also liked how the Shadow's identity was revealed and when he got into Hotel Room 509, not knowing what was waiting for him. I like a lot of blood in a book, but slowly pulling out every fingernail from someone's fingers made me cringe.

The book started off VERY well, but somewhere around the middle it got too slow: too much explanation and way too much dialogue. I guess it's because a lot of characters were involved in the plot and everyone has a story.

(Spoiler alert from this point)
The only thing that baffled me was how Bongo Malik was able to acquire a full makeup kit, fake eye lashes, a long wig and female clothing in a matter of seconds or minutes. Did he go out to buy them, or did he have someone bring them to him? Or was it in his emergency kit? I guess we'll never know.


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