Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Preview: Thirteen Suspects

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As mentioned in my last post, last month, here's a free preview of my Erotic/Suspense book titled "Thirteen Suspects."


*An excerpt from Manni’s journal about one of his experiences with Miss Jones, from chapter 7*

I got to her place in forty minutes, but I hung around the neighborhood until it was time to go in. She smiled from ear to ear when she opened the door and saw me. She had the same pose Irene had the first time she came to my hostel room for some sugar: the stripper’s pose!
“Are we going someplace?” I asked when I noticed she had on her coat and a pair of shiny Christian Louboutins. He hair was pleasantly done, like something you would see on a bride’s head, pins attached to all corners, and holding several loops together. She had a bright yellow fascinator on one side of her head. I looked at her from head to toe and I was impressed.

“No,” she replied. “We are going to have some fun right here. And the only place we will be going to is my bedroom.”

She winked at me and pushed the main door wide open.

Wow. Her place looked, umm, I don’t even know how to explain it. I walked in and moved around in slow motion, gazing at each detail in the apartment.

“Eat or eat?” Miss Jones asked.

“Sorry, what? Eat or eat?” I asked because I had no idea what she was talking about, again.

“You are still very slow, Manni. I think we have to work on that,” she said and laughed out loud at my ignorance in coded words. “Should we eat some food first or eat each other first?”

Damn! Where did this woman come from? She had all the right words and definitely knew how to communicate them, even though I was always lost at first.

“Eat,” I replied. “I guess I’m horngry.”

I was hungry, though. But I noticed Miss Jones was too eager to get into some action and I didn’t want to get her out of the mood. When I winked at her, she understood that I wanted the other type of food.

She immediately opened her coat and flung it across the room. It looked like it happened in slow motion, like something you would see in a movie. She had all black everything under the coat, and they were all lacy. I love black lace on women. Slowly, she attached the strings of her fishnet elbow-length gloves over her two middle fingers and smiled. Then she pulled a chair and positioned it in the center of the sitting room.

She picked up a remote control, and after one click, erotic music began to play. She walked up to me and removed my shirt. She ran her fingers over my chest, giving me instant shivers. I was a little embarrassed, though. I wasn’t as built as I would have loved to be at that moment, but I was fit, at least. She pushed me into the chair, and I almost fell in the process, but I regained my balance swiftly. Next thing, she raised a leg up, and with full force she slammed it on the chair. I moved back, simultaneously flinging my legs wide open. That was close, I thought. Her pencil heel landed in the middle of the chair, just an inch in front of my member, and the front tip of her shoe rested softly on me.

“Nice reflexes, Manni,” she said with a hint of excitement, and a mischievous grin.


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