Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Preview: The XIth Hour

Dear readers,

I am happy to announce that my first book titled "The XIth Hour," a psychological thriller/suspense, has now been published YAY!!!

Book description:

Life seemed perfect for Twil Jeafi, until he suddenly woke up with a type of amnesia. Things got even weirder when he received an anonymous phone call from a lady assumed to be his sister. With some help, he tracked down the mysterious caller and he discovered the unbelievable.


The XIth Hour is a Psych-Thriller mixed with suspense and BLOOD-THIRST. When faced with despair, there's no telling what will happen next...

You can watch the book trailer here: TXH

I have also added a free preview of the book below. Enjoy! Share! Comment! :)


Narrator's voice talking about Twil:

When he got to the end of a dark street, he realized he had missed his way and he had been moving in endless circles. While the voice was distracting him, he had missed one important turn leading directly to the exit point. When he turned around from the dead end to retrace his steps, he saw police cars blocking the street’s entrance.

Twil looked left and right, but there was nowhere else to run. He jumped and tried to hold on to what looked like a cable hanging over the wall, but he stopped and raised his hands up when several shots were fired at the wall. He was surrounded and the police ordered him to surrender. Twil got on his knees and interlocked his hands behind his head, but he didn’t want everything to end in defeat, not when he was already close to the exit.

“You can’t let them take you,” the voice echoed in his head. “Get up and run...”

It wasn’t exactly what he hoped to hear. After doing everything the voice had asked of him, it couldn’t even provide a better way out. That wasn’t good enough for Twil. How was he supposed to escape by running when he was surrounded? He couldn’t let the voice lead him to his death, neither could he let the police apprehend him. Not now, not ever. So as the police cautiously advanced toward him to pick him up, he looked up and around him rapidly. Then he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, got up and dashed off, running in between the police officers.

One of the officers fired a single shot and it hit the right part of Twil’s back, throwing him down on the floor. When Twil was on the floor, he turned back and looked at the officer that shot him. The name on his badge was blurry, because Twil was starting to pass out. His eyes closed before the officer came close to him.

Twil opened his eyes a few minutes later as he was being carried into an ambulance, and he saw the officer’s eyes fixed on him. The officer came closer and held the stretcher just before it was lifted up.

“Detective Smith?” Twil asked, when he looked at the officer’s face.

“No, it’s Sergeant Cole.” Tony bent down and whispered. “And I knew Ted Jeafi.”

Twil didn’t know what Tony was trying to say, but it sounded as though Tony was blaming him for his father’s disappearance.

“I didn’t kill my father,” Twil said in a low tone. “If that’s what you are trying to say.”

“Then I hope we find him... alive!”

Tony waved his hand to the paramedic and they wheeled Twil away. 


Want to know why Twil was running, and why Sgt. Anthony Cole shot him? Click HERE to a read a 20% sample of the book and purchase a full copy.

Copies are also available on other ebook distributor platforms and in print on Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Kindly leave me a review when you are done reading.

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