Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Preview: Closed Door

Dear readers,

I am happy to announce that I have just published a Short Story titled "Closed Door," a young adult/mystery, YAY!!!

Book description:

Frustrated because of a constantly closed door in her house, Angela eventually opened it and the heart-wrenching discovery left her speechless. The detectives assigned to the case dug deep into it, and their investigation led to something bigger.


I have also added a free preview of the book below. Enjoy! Share! Comment! :)

Narrator's voice:

I had a thirty-minute, warm and relaxing bath. Then, I wiped myself dry, creamed my body, and put on my housecoat. I smiled as I walked out of my parents’ bedroom, already thinking of what to put on for the get-together. As I walked toward my room, I felt their eyes fixed on me before dad asked a question.

“Do we still have any water left?” He and mom burst out laughing. I didn't think it was funny, so I ignored them and kept moving.

As I continued toward my room, I noticed the bathroom door was still shut. I would have waited endlessly if I were hoping for Agnes to come out this evening. I pounded on the door one more time as I walked past it. “Queen Aggie, what act and scene are you on now? Or did you compose a new song this time?” I asked, muffling a laugh. I don't know what made me do it, but I tried the door. I guess it was just my reflexes, since I knew she always locked it. Surprisingly, it was open. I pushed it to the end and screamed, right before I fainted.


Want to know what Angela saw behind the Closed Door? Then download a free copy on SMASHWORDS or GOODREADS.

You can also find the Short Story on iBookstore, B&N, Kobo, Amazon, etc.

Kindly leave me a review when you are done reading.

Thanks a lot.

Literarily Yours,

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