Monday, March 30, 2020

New Novella: Eight Days To Live

Dear all,

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While you were all sleeping, I and someone were looking for a cure to the deadly coronavirus.

Wondering who the someone is? She’s a character in my new novella titled “Eight Days To Live” and written in a record 2 days while battling malaria.

It’s fiction, but also a story of hope.

Here’s the description:

“A lab worker sees her passion to help find a cure to the deadly coronavirus Covid-19 cut short when she is laid off due to the pandemic ravaging the world and its negative effect on the economy.

But when someone close to her contracts the disease with approximately eight days to live, she decides to do whatever it takes to save the person’s life, even if it means lying, stealing and going against authority.

Would she achieve her goal in the end? Or would it all be in vain?


What do you think?

The story will go through rounds of editing, but before then, it will be available #free from tomorrow 31st March 2020 on Wattpad ( and on Bambooks hopefully within the week (if you’re already subscribed. Use link in bio).

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I hope you’ll enjoy the story, and I look forward to all the feedback 😊.


Literarily Yours,

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