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Book Preview: Like Never Before (Chapter Four)

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As I count down to the release of my upcoming romance novel, I'll be sharing chapters of the book every other week.

Here's the fourth chapter, and I hope you enjoy it:

Chapter Four: Four New Movies

Chiny was too intoxicated to keep her eyes on the road and admire the city of Nice at night. She had never been this drunk in her life, but she felt good. She caressed the leather interior of the Aston Martin Vanquish, and smiled within, with her eyes shut tight; she didn’t want the moment to pass.

“Are you okay?” David asked, glancing at her from the driver’s seat.

Chiny opened her eyes and turned her head towards him, but in slow motion. She couldn’t fight the effect the alcohol was having on her body movement and actions. “I’ve never been better,” she replied.

David glanced at her again, then took his eyes back to the road. “You know, I don’t even know your name.”

Chiny didn’t know where she got the strength, but she burst out laughing. “I’m so sorry. Where are my manners? We’ve spent hours drinking and talking about cars, family, careers and dreams, and I didn’t think to tell you my name; It’s Chiny.”

“Chiny? Sounds very nice and unique,” he commented. “Is that short for something? What does it mean?”

“It’s short for Chinyere. It’s Nigerian.”

“I kind of figured that one out... that you’re Nigerian, I mean.”


“From your accent. I know a few Nigerians.”

“Really?” She didn’t know why she was surprised, as Nigerians were everywhere.

“Mhmm.” David turned briefly to look at her again, then he took his eyes back to the road. “So what does it mean?”

“It means God gave, or God giveth... something in that line.” Chiny sighed, as if talking was a difficult task for her.

“We’re here,” David announced, as they drove into a massive compound that held an equally massive structure in it.

Chiny immediately sat up and eyeballed the building. The size of the house knocked the haze out of her eyes. “You live here?”

“Yes, but I rented it just for the weekend. I return to London tomorrow evening to meet with my agent. Unless you want me to stay back.”

Chiny almost chocked on her saliva, so she coughed. Butterflies gathered in her tummy out of nowhere, but she tried her best to act normal, then said, “As if you would stay back just for me.”

“I will, only if you want me to. I can move my meeting or invite my agent over.”

“Really?” She found it hard to believe, but she wanted to have a little faith. “You don’t even know me like that, so why would you?”

“Because I’m enjoying your company so far. And funny I should admit this but I’m the one attracted to you right now.” He smiled at her. “So you happen to be the Magnet tonight.”

The butterflies in Chiny’s tummy did multiple backflips instantly. She suddenly felt the urge to pee and pressed her knees together. Had she heard clearly? She wondered. But it didn’t stop her from smiling within. Lost briefly in that moment, she didn’t react when David parked the car, got out and came to open the door for her. She stepped out and was guided towards the main door.

Before they entered, David asked again, “So what do you say? Shall I stay and tour the city with you?”

Chiny looked him in the eyes before replying, “I need to pee. And yes, please stay. But I need to pee right now.”


Chiny felt relief as she emptied her bladder. She had danced all the way to the toilet that she wondered if the tingling sensation she had felt earlier in the club was a sexual one, or just the dire need to pee. She was no longer sure. When she had finished, flushed the toilet and washed her hands, she came out and saw David bringing out some drinks. She immediately protested.

“I’m not drinking anymore,” she said, then placed her purse on a chair.

“Why not?”

“Don’t I look drunk enough?”

“You actually don’t. I was thinking we could drink, talk, eat, then watch a...” David paused. “Have you seen any of my movies?”

Chiny shook her head, embarrassed when she shouldn’t have been. She had never heard of him before meeting him on the queue outside the club, so she had no reason to feel bad.

“Wow. Don’t you have TVs in Nigeria?”

“Very funny. I’m not just a TV person.”

“I was only joking. Do you want to watch one? We could eat something while watching.”

“Do you cook?” Chiny asked.

“Yes, but you’re not going to have the pleasure of tasting and enjoying my cooking. Not tonight anyway, because I’m here on vacation and I don’t plan on cooking anything.”

“Me neither,” she retorted. “Okay, so let the drinking and talking begin, before the eating and the movie.”

Right after she said that, her subconscious told her to use her common sense by not drinking anymore, but the same subconscious was magnetised to the idea of more drinking and fun with David. She even recalled her mother saying that her spirit was not okay with the trip, and she wondered if meeting David and having fun with him was what her mother had been referring to.

She also recalled Nneka telling her not to do what she herself wouldn’t do, and she wondered if Nneka wouldn’t have made the same decisions she had made so far, if she was with a superstar. But all Chiny’s doubts faded once she remembered what David had said... that he was attracted to her. Nothing else mattered.

Chiny and David drank and talked like they were old friends catching up after several years of not seeing each other. They kept talking about everything and nothing, most of which didn’t make any sense, given the state they were getting to, from just intoxicated to very intoxicated.

After Chiny’s words began to slur, David believed that it was time to stop the drinking. They had had enough fun doing that, so instead he picked up his stereo remote and put on a soft music. He loved such types of songs, so there was no way he was going to let one play without getting on his feet.

He stood up and extended his hand. “Shall we dance?”

“You really love dancing.”

“Actually, what I love is the act of rubbing my body against another in slow and nice rhythm.”

Chiny felt her legs go weak again. The same sensation she had felt before at the club passed through her body and again rested between her legs. She felt the whole area tingle, and she knew it wasn’t a full bladder. David was sincere with his words, but his expressions always made her heart skip. She reached out and took his hand, then allowed herself to be pulled up.

David pressed her body against his and he began slow dancing. He placed her hands around his neck, and placed his around her waist, almost touching her buttocks. She thought she was going to faint. As they moved together, tightly yet softly, like lovers, he planted a kiss on her cheek, then whispered in her ear.

“Do you know how to dance to zouk music?” he asked her, breaking the silence. Chiny shook her head.

“I don’t even know what that is, although I saw the section at the club.”

“It has a long history, but it’s a type of slow dance that originated in the French Caribbean islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.”

“You seem to love the French a lot,” she commented. “So how does the dance go?”

David pulled Chiny closer to cover the gap she didn’t know existed. He placed his right leg between her legs and started to roll his waist in a circular motion. He moved his hands to her hips and guided her movements.

“Follow my lead and move to the rhythm of my waist and legs. Some people call this the sex dance.”

Chiny concurred because she could already feel David’s manhood swell and press against her.

“You dance pretty well,” she complimented him. “Who thought you to move like this?”

“My ex-girlfriend. She’s British born but she’s originally from Guadeloupe.”

“I see.” Chiny did not want to ask any other question that would lead to his ex-girlfriend, which could potentially ruin the moment for her, so she just relaxed and continued to go with the flow.

David planted soft kisses on her neck. She didn’t know if it was part of the dance, but it pleased her. She wanted him to touch and caress her body, but it seemed he was being careful. Maybe he didn’t want to appear desperate or pushy, she didn’t know which, but she felt that a dance like that should lead to the next step.

At the same time, she didn’t know if she was ready for the next step with a total stranger, one with whom she had spent the early hours of the night, and in whose house she was slow dancing at an ungodly hour. Speaking of which, she didn’t know exactly what time it was.

Just then, the music ended and David pulled away from her, startling her. She had been so lost in the moment and didn’t notice when the music stopped.

“I see you like the dance,” David said.

“I actually do, and the music as well. Good thing you taught me.” Chiny fell into the chair where she had kept her purse. She was getting tired, as the activities of the day, coupled with the alcohol, were starting to wear her down.

“Glad I got to teach you. So what do you want to do next? Food and a movie...” David paused. “You said you haven’t watched any of my movies, have you?”

“No, I haven’t.” She dipped her hand in her purse and pulled out her phone. Her eyes opened in amazement.

“I have four new movies here, but I prefer this one. It’s about...” David stopped when he saw her eyes, then asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t realise it was 4:30 a.m. already. I have to go.”

“Do you have a curfew?” David laughed.

Chiny laughed as well. She then put her phone back in her purse and hung it over her shoulder. “I guess I’m just tired,” she said. “You know I came in yesterday morning. I need to catch up on sleep.”

“You can sleep here. There are enough rooms.”

“But I won’t have any of my things here. I won’t feel comfortable. I usually—”

“Please, stay,” he interrupted. “I promise I won’t touch you.”

Chiny said nothing. She had wanted him to touch and caress her earlier, but he hadn’t, and he had just made a promise not to attempt to. There was no incentive for her to stay. “I would rather leave now, then see you later in the day.”

“Okay, that’s all right.” David didn’t want to push it further. “I’ll drop you off. What’s the hotel called?”

“Thank you.” Chiny smiled. “And I don’t remember the name of the hotel, or rather I can’t pronounce it.”

David laughed hysterically. “Okay, so do you have the address at least?”

“Yes.” She looked into her purse and brought out a tourist guide where the hotel receptionist had scribbled the name and the address of the hotel.

David looked at the scribbling, then nodded after he memorised the address. As they headed towards the door to leave, he asked Chiny for her phone number. She didn’t know it, so she had to call his own in order for him to get it. Once they were done, they got outside, entered into the car, and he drove off.

In about fifteen minutes, he pulled up in front of her hotel, and announced, “We’re here.”

She didn’t respond or react. He turned to look at her; she was sleeping. He tapped her on the shoulder, and she woke up immediately.

“We’re here,” he repeated.

“Thanks David.” She was about to open the door when he stopped her.

“Can I have a kiss before you go?”

The sleep cleared from her eyes instantly, and without hesitation, she nodded, then pulled her face closer to his. He leaned forward and took the fullness of her lower lip with his lips, then he kissed her softly. The kiss lasted for a few seconds, and when it was over, she opened the door, got down and walked into the hotel.

Before the hotel door closed behind her, she realised she hadn’t said good night to him. By the time she looked back, he was gone. She did not mind; she was going to see him soon anyway. She smiled all the way to her room, glad that she had had an amazing night.

As she sunk into her bed, all that went through her mind were images of him.


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