Friday, January 26, 2018

#FridayFeature: Meet The Author - Chinelo Mgbeadichie

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It's been a while we had the #FridayFeature, but this year, it's going to be different... I believe. I have had the opportunity to meet A LOT of fabulous authors out there, and I want you all to discover them, so we should have a busy year discovering them. So, today's #FridayFeature author is the one and only, funny, and lovely Chinelo Mgbeadichie.

Let's get to know her in 10 questions. See her responses below.

1/ What’s your name (Pen name if different), and what does it mean?

I am Miss Chinelo Mgbeadichie. Chinelo means ‘God my Counselor’ and Mgbeadichie is interpreted as ‘Restoration, or replacement. What the locust has eaten has been restored.’

2/ What books have you written (title/genre/year of publication)?

I have written Murder at Dawn which is in Print and was published in 2014, Behind dark clouds was first published by Partridge Africa in 2015, and Mrs. Unmarried my most recent baby which is the first book in the Ice for Heart Series was published in 2017. They are all mystery novels.

3/ What inspires your writing?

Life generally, the sufferings and pain we all go through. My last novel came from a dream so I would say that one was given to me.

4/ What has been your most challenging work, and why?

Hmm, I tried writing a story that wasn’t a crime or mystery novel and it was tough. I am yet to finish it though.

5/ What are you currently working on?

I am doing some editing for Behind dark clouds and working on the book 2 of the Ice for Heart series, it is titled "two deaths; one murder."

6/ What are your favourite types of books and who are your favourite authors?

I love mystery novels generally but aside from that, I love stories that inspire me. My Favourite authors are Cathy Bryant, Francine Rivers, Anthony Mugo, Ufomaee, C. M. Okonkwo, and a host of others.

7/ What have you had to give up for your writing?

Wow, that’s an interesting one. I will say employment. At some point, I worked in an office where we resumed at 8am and closed as late as 10pm and I couldn’t write because my boss then was always wanting to know what we were doing at every point and we had to use the office computer. It was tough, so at the end of the day, I had to leave.

8/ What is unique about you?

I am Chinelo Mgbeadichie. There is no one who is like me. I am me and that is what makes me unique. I cry when I am overwhelmed, sometimes not always though. I laugh when I am being bullied, sometimes. I dance when I am overworked and when I am happy.

9/ Where can readers get your book, and in what formats?

Most of my books are in e-book format and believe me I prefer the e-books. Though I am beginning to consider the audio book format, I will get there. Anyone who loves a great suspense story can find my books on Okadabooks, Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks and Barnes&Noble, and a host of others.

10/ How can readers get in touch with you?

I usually put those in my books, however, for posterity sake I can be reached via
mail at
Facebook: @nelomgbeadichie

Twitter: @ciscadichie

Instagram: @ciscadichie



I hope you enjoyed reading about today's lovely author, and hope you get to read her books as well.

Until next #FridayFeature.

Literarily Yours,

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