Saturday, October 22, 2016

Coming Soon - Yankee Based Wives

Hello Everyone,

I'm really excited and seriously counting down to the release of my 5th novel titled "Yankee Based Wives!!!" on XXII-XI-MMXVI. (22.11.2016... just in case).

Why am I excited? Because the young women from "Dim Noo Abroad" are back, and this time around, they have vowed to get husbands living nowhere else but in the United States of America...

That's the description of "Yankee Based Wives," the sequel to "Dim Noo Abroad," in the Desperate Women Series.

I don't know about you, but I've missed the main characters from Dim Noo Abroad, especially a particular character named Halleluiah (funny name and character). She's the parrot and chief gossip of the community, so there's never a dull moment with her. I always looked forward to her character and activity while writing and editing the book.

In fact, just like Dim Noo Abroad, I've enjoyed writing this new one and can't wait to share it with the world. I only wish that everyone who eventually reads the book will understand the choice of style and language, as it adds more flavour and juice to the story as a whole. One thing for sure is that you'll be taking away some Nigerian/Igbo slangs with you :).

As I'm on a one-month count down from today, Yankee Based Wives is available on preorder in e-book, on many ebook distribution platforms (Smashwords, Okadabooks, iBooks, Amazon, etc., at HALF PRICE until a day after the initial release. What are you waiting for?

Tell someone to tell someone to tell someone!!!

I hope you all get your copies, read, enjoy and leave me a review... whether good, bad or ugly, I'm always happy to know what you think.

Literarily Yours,

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