Friday, June 20, 2014

Preview: Dim Noo Abroad

Dear readers,

I'm excited to announce that my new book titled "Dim Noo Abroad," which means "My Husband is Abroad," has now been officially released. It was published on 17/June/2014 :).

Here's a brief description of the book:
"Welcome to the Eastern part of Nigeria, where obtaining a university degree and landing a good job are not the only ambitions of the young women in this unique community. They have vowed to do whatever it takes to find a husband. And not just any type of husband, but one who lives abroad."

I have also added a free preview of the book below. Enjoy! :)


*An excerpt from Chapter Nine: House girl:*

Stella smiled, collected the money for the things to buy from the market, then she left. She got to the market about twenty minutes later and made sure she knew nobody around before she went to Mama Philo’s stall. She introduced herself to Mama Philo, and told her she was there to pick up the things Azuka normally bought for her weekend cooking.

“Welcome,” Mama Philo said. “You must be Azuka’s new house girl. She told me you were coming.”

Stella froze as Mama Philo’s words passed through her ears and went straight into her brain. As the words formed bile in her stomach, she began to think. First of all, Mama Philo wasn’t Azuka, so she didn’t owe her any form of respect. Second of all, was Mama Philo a big fool? How can a well-dressed and beautiful young woman be a house girl? And finally, did Mama Philo mean to say that she had never seen Stella in the town before and she didn’t know Stella was a university graduate?

Before Stella could react to Mama Philo’s silly statement and attack her, she heard someone stammering a laugh from outside the stall. Stella turned around, and just as she had feared, Halleluiah was standing by the entrance and had heard what Mama Philo said. Stella quickly walked up to the entrance of the stall to talk to Halleluiah.

“Halleluiah, what are you doing here?” Stella asked. “Do you buy food from here as well?”

“Tufiakwa,” Halleluiah replied. “Do I look like someone that buys food from this market?”

“So what are you doing here?”

“I saw you coming here, looking around and acting like a thief, so I followed you to know what you were doing.”

“But Halleluiah, why would you even think of following me around?” Stella asked, angry. “Don’t you have other things to do with your time?”

“What type of stupid question is that?” Halleluiah was offended.

“Only a jobless person will follow others around,” Stella replied. “Are you that jobless?”

“Ask me again.” Halleluiah hissed. “You will tell me if it’s your legs I used to come here.”

“Okay, I’m sorry. Please, my sister, don’t tell anyone what you heard Mama Philo say.”

“Sorry for yourself. Nonsense. Please excuse me.” Halleluiah walked away immediately.

Stella was defeated at that instant, because she knew that no amount of begging or bribing would stop Halleluiah from sharing what she had heard with the others. She accepted her fate, picked up the things she bought and went back to Azuka’s house.


Want to know what else happened between Stella, Halleluiah, and the other women desperately looking for a husband living abroad? Click HERE to read a 20% sample of the book and purchase a full copy.

Copies are available on other ebook distribution platforms, and in print on Amazon, B&N and CreateSpace.

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