Friday, March 7, 2014

Review: Two-Hundred Steps Home, Volume 3

Book description:

Claire's life revolves around Starbucks, stilettos and her career as an Advertising Account Director for AJC. That is until her boss Carl decides to send her on a mission to visit every one of the 200 YHA hostel in England and Wales as part of a marketing campaign. More used to five-star spa resorts than 'flea-infested hostels' Claire only takes the assignment to save face. It becomes clear to her the 'mission' is a ruse to make her resign.

Volume Two follows Claire to the Derbyshire Dales, where she tries to understand Josh's revelations and her feelings for Michael. She also has to undertake the tasks presented by her boss's nasty PA Julia.  However, Claire's biggest challenges are yet to come.

"Two-Hundred Steps Home" is a collection of daily installments in the Adventure/Travel and General Humor/Comedy genre, by author Amanda Martin. This is the third volume and it contains March's installments of the author's daily challenge on her WriterMummy blog.

I wrote a review for this volume on my phone, but it's trapped because my phone went into a coma and never made it back.

I liked the story, and the suspense, only that I'm getting tired of Claire's YHA touring. Seems like she's doing the same thing over and over again. I think she needs to kill or kidnap someone and be on the run, lol.

I will read the 4th volume soon :)

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